8:00Site Opens
10:00MartialAll lists open for inspections, authorizations, and pickupsBattlefield
10:00ArtisansCraftsperson's Green OpensVillage Green
10:30RapierNumbers TournamentBattlefield (Rapier List)
11:00ArmoredLadder of Renown TourneyBattlefield (Armored List)
11:00ArcheryRoyal RoundsArchery List
11:00Classroom 1Intro to BoneworkingMain Pavilion
11:00Classroom 2The Mary Rose: Ship and ShipwreckMain Pavilion
11:00Classroom 3You Are What You Eat: The Tacuinum SanitatusMain Pavillion
11:30Armored6' Spear TournamentBattlefield (Armored List)
11:30RapierHeavy Ball TournamentBattlefield (Rapier List)
11:30GeneralKyiv Pierogi Hut OpensPierogi Hut
12:00ArmoredArmored War PracticeBattlefield
12:00RapierRapier War PracticeBattlefield
12:00Classroom 1Main Pavilion
12:00Classroom 2“Back off Billy!”: Elizabethan Theatre Beyond the BardMain Pavilion
12:00Classroom 3Redacting and Adapting Period Recipes. Main Pavilion
1:00ArcheryNorth Oaken Championship TournamentArchery List
1:00Classroom 1Really Basic BlackworkMain Pavilion
1:00Classroom 2A Gentile’s Intro to HebrewMain Pavilion
1:00Classroom 3Wire-wrapped RingsMain Pavilion
2:00ArcheryFriend/Foe TournamentArchery List
2:00Classroom 1:Knitting 101Main Pavilion
2:00Classroom 2Risqué Pompeii: Art Under the VolcanoMain Pavilion
2:00Classroom 3:Basic Viking Wire WeavingMain Pavilion
3:00GeneralBaroness’s Bocce TournamentVillage Green
4:00GeneralNorthern Oaken Bardic Lagnieppe of Excellence (NOBLE) CompetitionMain Pavilion
4:00All Lists Close
4:00Craftsperson's Green Closes
5:30CourtCourt (TBD)Main Pavilion
8:00 PMSite Closes