The NOBLE (Northern Oaken Bardic Lagnieppe of Excellence) competition is a challenge where each Barony and/or shire in North Oaken is invited to send a single champion to compete for the cup. These are: the Baronies of Brendoken, Red Spears, Middle Marches, and the Cleftlands; and the Shires of Eastwatch, Falcon’s Quarry, and Rivenvale.

The champion may be a single individual or an ensemble (two or more individuals performing as a unit on both entries.) An individual champion may have an accompanist on either or both entries. Other Baronies or Shires outside North Oaken may compete for bragging rights, but the cup itself will be awarded to the highest-placing champion from a North Oaken Barony or Shire.

The name of the champion must be presented by the Shire Seneschal or Baronage to the NOBLE Coordinator not less than one week before the event. Questions about the competition may be addressed to her as well.

(Note: Each territory may also appoint an alternate to be on standby in case of emergency.)

Each champion must present two pieces in any performance category. Each must be five minutes or less in length – entries exceeding the limit will not count in the judging. Performance categories include (but are not limited to):

  • Song
  • Instrumental Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Other Physical Performance
  • Storytelling
  • Poetry

Essentially, anything intended for performance in front of an audience may be used.

BOTH entries together will be judged on:

  • Technique/skill
  • Presentation Style (emotional projection; appropriateness to material)
  • Complexity/Difficulty
  • Overall impression
  • Audience Appeal
  • Scope and contrast between the two entries
  • Authenticity or Appropriateness to the SCA context
  • Originality