Bring out your dead! or at least throw your nearly dead on a hospital cart and bring ‘um to the Knotty Dragon Tavern at NOWM! we bring our own special elixirs to revive and serve your booze to anyone looking for a free drink (hey, it’s free, beggars-chooser you get the gist) challenge the Dread Pirate Prudence, Captain Mael, Party Cadet Isobel (she’s mine Marcos *grr face*), and the rest of our bar staff to make you something drinkable from all those “I got this for my birthday, ich” and “I have no idea how long my grandpa had this in his basement, it’s unopened” bottles of booze you have! or soda or ice, we’re not picky.

The Knotty Dragon Tavern will host scheduled entertainment, open bardic, and other merriment in the permanent pavilion, Saturday after the NOBLE Bardic Competition at roughly o’Dark Thirty.