• Annikas Dungeon – Chain mail jewelry.
  • BadAss Garb – Carefully handcrafted fighting and feasting garb and garb accessories, with something for every persona, including ultra durable tunics and pants, carefully tailored coats, shirts, gowns and other court garb. (Website)
  • Egill’s Woodstuffs – Weaving looms and other fiber equipment, mirror boxes, medieval looking furniture built for SCAdians of substance. (Website)
  • Field of Honour Armor – Leather pouches, armor, shoulder sacks, handmade books, belts, chain maile armor, and assorted other handmade items.
  • Munitions Grade Arms – Rattan, fiberglass spears, armor, thrusting tips, and so much more! (Website)
  • The Artful Cricket – Custom henna body art with hand-mixed organic paste; henna-style, hand-ornamented decor & accessories. (Website)
  • The Dragon’s Nest – Apron dresses, kids stuff, embroidery, play mats, under dresses. (Website)
  • The Magic Carpet Kavehane – Middle Eastern coffee, tea, etc. (Website)
  • UnCommon Clay – Hand made pottery, raw alpaca fleece, fur pelts, and so much more! (Website)
Merchanting at NOWM

If you would like to merchant at NOWM, please consult the Merchanting at NOWM guidelines.