10:00All lists open for inspections, authorizations, and pickups
10:30RapierNumbers TournamentBattlefield
11:00ArmoredLadder of Renown TourneyBattlefield
11:00ArcheryRoyal RoundsArchery List
11:30Armored6' Spear TourneyBattlefield
11:30RapierHeavy Ball TournamentBattlefield
12:00ArmoredArmored War PracticeBattlefield
12:00RapierRapier War PracticeBattlefield
1:00ArcheryNorth Oaken Championship TournamentArchery List
2:00ArcheryFriend/Foe TournamentArchery List
5:00All Lists Close for Court

Armored Combat

Lists will be open for pick-ups and other martial activities during the day. Midrealm Belted and Unbelted Champions Joint Practice.

  • FIELD BATTLES – Battles with combat archery/siege weapons will be announced BEFORE the battle as determined by participation.
  • CHAOS BATTLE “The Fog of War” – This is similar to a broken-field battle with lots of smaller units fighting each with a commander as determined by the team. This is a rez battle, and at the end of allotted time of rez, it becomes a last man standing battle for victory consideration. This battle will be fun, chaotic, and allow for lots of individual command choices and heroic encounters!
  • BRIDGE BATTLES – Three 7-minute Resurrection Bridges. Battles with combat archery/siege weapons will be announced BEFORE the battle as determined by participation.
  • HOT GATES BATTLE – Wall divides field in half with only 2 gate openings; Gate one is 6’ wide. Gate two is 9’ wide. Resurrection hay bales on either side.


  • Ladder of Renown – 4 rounds of single-elimination tourney with winner advancing to the next round. First round anyone without a Red Company or higher can participate, second round open to all Red Company, third round open to all Gold Mace, and the last round open to all members of the Chivalry. [ Sponsored by: Syr Wigthegn and Sir Crispin ]
  • 6′ Spear Tournament – Atlantian speed style single elimination tournament and a prize for the winner! [ Sponsored by: Sir Sirius ]

Rapier Combat

  • Numbers Tournament. (10:30 AM) All participants will be paired off to fight 3 passes. 1 point for a loss, 3 points for a win, and 2 points each for a double kill. Each round opponents will be paired off based on total points they have. Overall winner will be the competitor with the most points after the final round.
  • Heavy Ball Tournament. (11:30 AM) Teams of 5 to 10 members, 5 on the field at a time.Goalie can fight any style, all other players limited to single sword. Maximum blade length 42 inches. No throwing, kicking, or intentionally dropping the ball. No running engagement.Any broken rules or unsafe actions will result in the offenders being given 30 seconds in the penalty box. Points are scored when the ball carrier gets both feet in the goal or places the ball in the goal.All other rules will be explained at the event.

Target Archery

  • North Oaken Championship Tournament. Archers of North Oaken, come challenge to become the next North Oaken Archery Champion! As the primary uses of archery in period were for warfare and hunting, there will be a shoot focused on each to find a well-rounded archer to represent our region. For warfare you will be shooting through castle windows, for hunting you will be shooting at a moving target. We ask all archers to come test yourselves and show the best that this region has to offer!
  • Friend/Foe Tournament.